Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Ceridwen Journal 2/12/12

Yuri headed off early to see the mage. I slept in till about 8 got some food and wondered around. I went to the alley to see if anything was going on. No one was around I played badly on the corner for awhile then went down the alley. There was a puddle of wax and a metal seal with dwarfish writing. I figure it must say keep out.
I picked up my clothes and Yuri’s from the shop keeper. I found out along the way that you could get tickets for the music hall here in the gate yard. I really want to see a play. I decided to have lunch at the Arcane Star. The food was very good and the place was nice. It had no stage so I asked if they had a Bard. The owner said his wife could make instruments play themselves. I had to see that so I made reservations for the four of us an hour after sun down. We all met up back at the inn and went out to dinner (my treat) it was a very nice evening. Later Anders came with us to look at the seal (he can read Dwarven) He said it said by order of the council don’t break this seal on pain of death. Darn Dwarves are too serious.
The next day Yuri and I decided to see if we could look for the opposite end of the tunnel. I figured if it was a bolt hole maybe it came out outside the city walls down by the river. Yuri had heard that there was good fishing on the Rushing River. So we got some poles and some really stinky bait. On our way out of the gate a human guard gave me a dirt look. Yuri didn’t like it and had word with him. I tried to laugh it off but it bothered me a bit. We had no luck finding a spot to fish out the north gate so we tried the other side of the gate yard. Here the going was difficult but we got to a good spot and caught some fish. Yuri did better than me. We looked around some more for the tunnel but didn’t find anything. We headed back with the fish. Yuri sweet talked the kitchen into fix us some fish for lunch. Yum
We purchased tickets for the night performance at the Music Hall (The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords). We sent a runner to tell Piper to meet us at the Cart and Pony. Just before night fall we went to the gate and showed our ticket. The priggish human guard was there again. He torn up the ticket and wouldn’t let us in town. We went to the West gate and filed a formal report with the guard there. Boy am I mad. I’m going to write a song that people will sing forever. We this stupid guard as the patsy. We sent a message for Piper to come on back to the inn. Yuri insisted on standing by the gate until she got there. We spent a boring night back at the inn.
The next day we got another set of tickets for the play. They didn’t have a box this time so we got seats in the balcony. The stupid guard wasn’t on guard tonight so we got in ok. We went to the Cart and Pony for dinner. It very very good. The elven bard I had met before was at the bar playing. I asked him if he would help me writing the song to zing the guard. He said he would as long as it was anonymous.
On Sunday I laid low and worked on my song the bard came and helped on it too. I think it will be popular.



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