Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Ceridwen's Journal 1/2/12

Finally it’s time to leave High Meadow. That snake of a muleskinner left early one morning. We made some preparations to leave as well. Anders and I shot a buck. I took one hunch and brought the rest to the inn. They have been so great to us all winter. We also got a small brazier to keep us warm in the tent. We couldn’t get a bigger tent so we will make do until we get to Lascon. Most of the town turned out to see us off.
It’s cold and wet but we are on the road again. It’s just unnatural to stay in a place that long. We did have any difficulties until one day we rounded the bend and there was a bear cub in the road. We backed up and there was the mother bear. It would be just awful to kill a bear and leave her cub orphaned. We ran away. The bear took a few swipes at Yuri before he got away but wasn’t hurt too badly.
We traveled a few more days and then after breakfast we were attacked by a pack of wolves. They didn’t act naturally. One looked over its shoulder at a large white wolf that nearly blended in with the snow. We killed three wolves and the pack ran off. I skinned them. Wolf pelts fetch a good price.
That night the white wolf plagued us all night we could get a full nights rest. Anders and I both had some cuts that if we had had time to rest would have probably healed up. This kept up for several nights. One night the wolf just came into camp and sat watching me. It stayed for my whole watch and I sang to it. It walked off into the night.
The next day we decided to follow it. Anders and I tracked it; at times it seemed to wait for us to catch up. It mostly followed the trail. We did this for days. One day it turned away from the trail still we followed it. When we fallowed it let us get a full night’s sleep.
We came to a cliff in the distance I saw a corner of a foundation. We went to investigate. We found the reins of a small house or perhaps a tower. In the middle of the outline of the foundation we found that there was something buried. We spent days clearing what turned out to be a staircase. The staircase led down to a stone door. With much effort we pushed it open. It led to a series of room covered in a deep layer of dust. The place was so old that the doors had disintegrated.
Behind a secret door we found a room with statues of St Cuthbert. The door out of the room was trapped a slab of stone came down separating us from Piper and the room started to fill with sand. Ander said we should stuff the holes where the sand came out with cloaks. That slowed the sand down so we could figure out how to get out.
We turned the statues to the wall and we heard the stone grating still the door was hard to move. We found a tomb with a sarcophagus holding a mace. It was magical. We took it and said thanks to the nameless knight. We left the tomb and filled back in the staircase so the knight would be left in peace.



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