Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri’s Journal 1/2/12

The long winter finally ended and spring slowly began to overtake the snow and ice. We made our preparations to leave. Rata snuck out in the wee hours of the morning, leaving nothing but his stench and dirt behind. I warned Bear to beware of agents of the empire. I don’t trust that Rata one bit. Anders and Ceri went on a deer hunt early in the morning before we left town and gave most of the carcass to Bear, keeping only a portion for own use. I gave Bear 10 gp to cover some of our expenses for the winter, but he said it covered more than we actually used and he’d hold the rest on account for our return. Whatever… Actually for putting up with us, I think he deserves it all.
We began our travels back to Laskon accompanied by an almost constant drizzle, making the going wet and muddy, though there were places where snow and ice still remained on the ground as well. Things were very quiet for our first week or so of travel, then we heard wolves in the night…. But they were a long way off.
The next day, we found ourselves between a mother bear and her cub. We ran off the trail to get out from between them… luckily no one was hurt and the bear and her cub went on their way. We made our way back to the trail and traveled onwards.
On our 9th day of travel, we were attacked by wolves in the early morning. A huge white wolf stood in the distance and seemed to be in charge of the pack. We killed 3 of the wolves before the white wolf called the others off and they all turned and fled.
For the next two nights, the white wolf came into our camp almost it seemed to be more of an annoyance than a real threat… it would come in, wake us from our sleep, alert the watchers… then leave…
Finally we decided to track it… we kept on it’s trail but didn’t see the actual wolf at all. On Ceri’s watch it showed up again that night, and Ceri tried talking to it… then had a staring contest with it… it left without further incident.
We continued to track the wolf for seven days. It seemed to be mostly paralleling the trail, so we had no problem with tracking it while still making progress toward Laskon. It turned north and we continued to track.
At last we spotted something in the distance – it turned out to be ruins. We found signs that something was buried in one section of the ruins and decided to dig. Ceri didn’t want us to, thinking we would be desecrating a tomb. As it turned off she wasn’t far off…
We found stairs leading down, some chambers, and more stairs leading down behind a secret door. We continued on down into a trapped room. Unfortunately, we left Piper behind on the stairs for her own protection while the rest of us forced open another door. That dropped down a stone wall between Piper and us, sealing us off from her. The chamber we were in was filling with sand! From holes near the ceiling. We stuffed pieces of our cloaks into the holes to slow down the sand and then moved on to the next room by rotating the statues in the sand room.
Beyond the next door we found the tomb of a paladin of St. Cuthbert. Piper probably would have been handy to have along so we could have known that before we entered the tomb. We had to make do without her.
Ceri did a detect magic and determined that the mace in the arms of the effigy on top of the tomb was magical. We took it – under the assumption that if this was sacred to Cuthbert, he’d want it out in the world doing good.
We tried rotating the statues to unlock the door back to Piper but nothing seemed to work… it would take brute force for this one and eventually with all four of us working together, we managed to raise the stone. As a gesture of good faith, Piper put her own mace into the arms of the effigy.
We left the ruins and filled in the hole down again with the stones and dirt to seal it. Backbreaking work moving all those rocks but we managed it. Broke down the block and tackle we’d built as well so as to leave no sign of our having been there and working.
We headed back toward the trail.



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