Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri’s Journal 3/18/12

We moved further into the caves. We found a few coins in a pool of water, but left them alone to search beyond into the next cavern. There was a dead body there, kneeling before a chest. Hado went to check out the chest, but the chest attacked him, grappling him with a sticky substance. Three critical attacks later (by Fundin, Anders and myself), and the chest collapsed into a formless goo.
Ceri prestidigitated the goo away from Hado and the small treasure the creature had just a few pieces of gold and a small piece of quartz. This cavern dead-ended here, so we went back to the pool and I swam down to collect a small amount of gold and a valuable looking piece of black opal.
We moved on a bit and found a place where we had to turn either right or left, no more continuing on the direction we thought we should be going. We decided to check out the right passage first. A stone-like creature came at us, roaring. As it turns out, the roar was not for naught. Just as we killed the creature, three more came out from the left passage. We killed one of them, but the last one got away.
We searched the left passage and found some coins, gems, weapons and a wand. With a little checking we determined that the longbow was a strength bow of probably +3 or +4. The short bow looks to be masterwork. We also found a small pouch with masterwork thieves’ tools, which we gave to Ceri – now all three of us have some (me, Ceri and Hado). After our search, we took the right passage and found a cavern blocked with rocks at one end. Beyond the rocks, we were able to make out what looked like an active mine with orcs and at least one ogre. There is a table with weapons and armor – are these the dwarf made weapons we’re looking for information about?
We watched and moved stones quietly for a while, then Hado and I went invisible (thanks to Winna) and silent (thanks to Piper) to reconnoiter. The silence wore off quickly. We snuck up on and killed one orc, after two hits from me. Hado got a good shot off at another of the orcs while I whistled for the rest of the party.
Winna magic missiled the ogre. I grabbed Hado and dropped him on one side of the ogre and tumbled to land on the other side. Hado’s sneak attack staggered the ogre. He was barely on his feet and made the mistake of trying to attack Hado. The ogre missed and dropped unconscious from the effort.
Everyone else let loose with arrows except Winna who moved into position and lightning bolted two of the orcs, killing them both. We were left with just about 4 orcs or so left to fight, but as we saw earlier while observing, there is an ogre with a cart who comes for ore regularly, so reinforcements can be arriving at any time.
The only ore we saw here is something called Residium – stone that has absorbed magical energy through exposure somehow. Other than a few outcroppings of the stuff, the mine looks played out.



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