Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri's Journal 2/12/12

The dwarven lad woke me early, so Piper is off the hook, though I have no way of telling her. She’ll just end up waking Anders I guess. I got a quick day-old breakfast from the cook and headed toward the gates.
There was a line at the gates – they apparently don’t open until dawn, so I waited my turn to go through, then ran for the lore guild. There was already a line at the guild as well and there were almost a dozen waiting before me. I realized while I waited that I’d forgotten all about the clothes that I had ordered yesterday. Maybe the others will remember and pick them up for me. Otherwise I’m sure I can get them tomorrow – to who else are they going to sell a custom-made shirt designed to accommodate wings?
Piper is supposed to work at the temple today, but I have no idea what Ceri and Anders have planned for the day.
I talked to a lot of the people waiting with me, and overheard others talking as well and learned a lot of interesting things during my wait:
• A coven of vampires are in the knife blade hills west of the city
• There’s good fishing on the Rushing River. People climb the walls to fish from the banks
• There’s a fishmarket in town (already knew this)
• A few months ago, a fisherman caught a sack of coins. One hooked a magical helmet, one caught a silver skull.. maybe these items washed out of an old tomb?
• People have gone looking for where these special items have come from and haven’t returned
• One guy fished all night and disappeared so now only fish by day
• The Hidden Coin has gambling – near fish market – entrance is in an alley – min 50 gp buy in
Finally at mid-day, I was called. I saw a female dwarf who asked why I wanted to see Grirdil. I explained, and showed her my tattoos. I had to admit that I was probably being actively sought by my owner and also told her I’d had the tattoos since childhood. She said I would hear from them “later”.
I made my way back to the gate ward and checked on my clothing. Ceri it seems had already picked up my new clothes.
I went back to the inn for an afternoon nap. Some dwarves from our caravan were there eating. They said the caravan was returning to Laskon tomorrow or the next day. We wished each other luck.
My new clothes were on the bed when I went in.
Ceri woke me later and informed me we were having dinner at the Arcane Star that night, her treat.
The food at the Arcane Star was VERY good, and very expensive. Animated instruments floated on the ceiling and played music while we ate.
Ceri said the tunnel in the alley had a new seal on it so after dinner we went to see the seal, and find out what it said – Anders reads Dwarvish. It apparently said something on the order of ‘closed by the City Council, sealed on pain of death.’
Next we went to the Foundation Stone where we found Dogrund hiring guards for the caravan’s return to Laskon tomorrow morning. I had a little chat with him about keeping my wings a secret. He already talked to his staff about it and understands completely.
The next day, Ceri and I bought fishing gear at the market and went fishing. It was pretty easy. We both caught a couple of fish… between the two of us – enough fish for us and Anders to have lunch. We saw no sign of any outlet for the tunnel in the alley. The cook at Rondalls cooked our fish for us and kept the rest for stew parts.
After lunch we bought tickets for the theater – a box for all of us to share. We sent a message to Piper to meet us at the Coach and Pony for dinner.
Come time for dinner, we headed to the Main Gate. The human guard in charge there took our ticket and tore it up, saying it was no good. This was the same guard who earlier had give Ceri some dirty looks. We went to the west gate and lodged a formal complaint with the guard there, then sent word to Piper that we wouldn’t be joining her after all and to return to the Gate Ward.
When Piper got back, we all ate at Rondal’s. We did find out the nasty human gate guard named Tras did not like Dragonborn and thought Ceri was one of them. He wouldn’t be on duty tomorrow night so we will buy more tickets tomorrow in the market. He lives in the Gate Ward area – probably at the garrison, so we should be cautious.
The next day we did indeed buy tickets for the play, but boxes were sold out, so we had to buy tickets for the balcony. Oh well. Still should be fun. Ceri spent the day writing a nasty song about Tras.
In the evening, we headed to the Coach and Pony for dinner and had no problem getting through the gate. The C&P was crowded, so we had to wait a little while, but we eventually got a table. Taras, the Eldarin bard, was playing at the C&P that night. The food was incredible and SO expensive. We split the bill – it was too much for any one person at this place.
The play – The Axe of the Dwarven Lords – was exciting and fun – lots of action and drama and special effects. The walk back to the inn was uneventful, though we were really hoping to see a ghost or something.
Back at Rondall’s we paid for another three days at the inn for each of us. The next day was very quiet. Ceri worked on her song, with help from Taras, who came to visit her after lunch.
The following day was Monday and Ceri’s audition. Piper went back to work at the temple. I went looking for Fundin, the scarred dwarf. I found him at the outfitter’s shop. We went back to Rondal’s together and talked.
Apparently last year a caravan from High Peak was attacked by orcs. Fundin’s brother, and leader of his clan, was slain, and the battleaxe that was not only a family heirloom but the sign of clan leadership, was stolen. Without the axe, Fundin doesn’t have clear claim to the title and is being challenged by cousins for leadership of the clan. The orcs seem to have retreated into the mountains near Summerdown Valley. This was the place we had heard of in relation to Stravella, who calls herself Queen of Winter’s Mourning. I wonder if these orcs work for her. I hope not.
When Ceri returned from her audition, she said she had to wait for the results. I filled her in on all Fundin had told me.



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