Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri's Journal 2/18/12

In the morning I got up early to say goodbye to the caravan, then wandered the marketplace for a while. I overheard something about small thefts at the warehouse in the gate ward. The merchants seem to think there is some kind of gate or portal in there because the warehouse has been too well-guarded for thieves and missing stuff is too small for really determined thieves. Also, there are rumors circulating that Imperial ogres are scouring the southern desert for slaves. I need to tell Ceri about this as it might concern her and her people. I returned to Rondal’s.
Ceri received a summons to appear at the lore guild an hour past noon today. Fundin came in and told us he wants to host dinner for us and 2 other folks tonight at Rondal’s. Good for us anyway! Ceri will tell Piper about it on her way to the Lore guild so Piper will know not to be late for dinner. I told Ceri about the ogres in the desert but she didn’t seem at all concerned. She said her people could disappear into the desert and not be seen if they didn’t want to be.
Later in the street, Ceri got attacked with Dragonbane powder. It made her afraid and she ran away from her attacker. By the time she recovered and returned, the guy who threw the powder was gone. She thinks the mean gate guard was behind the attack, though we have no proof of that. When time came for her to go to the lore guild, I escorted her to the gate to make sure she arrived safely.
When Ceri returned, she informed us that she was now a member of the lore guild. She had to pay a 100gp fee to join, but she can now come and go in the city as she pleases with her papers and/or her new cloak of office.
She performed her new song for us when she got back. It was very funny. I’m sure it will be well-received by all except maybe the bad gate guard and his bully boys.
A message arrived for me from the lore guild simply saying “appear at your convenience”. This sounded promising and I was hopeful that I would at least get an audience with Grirdil.
On the way there, while still in the marketplace, I spotted a guy in a brown cloak watching us, esp. Ceri. I snuck up on him and he tried to leave. I followed and hit him my tanglefoot bag. Ceri said it didn’t quite sound like the guy who attacked her but sorta kinda, like maybe someone related to him? Anyway, we left him in the street to get the goo off himself and with a warning to leave us alone.
Ceri and I went on to the lore guild, and I went in to see the same female dwarf I’d seen before. There was a military looking dwarf in civilian clothes there with her, watching her the whole time. She seemed to be choosing her words very carefully as she spoke to me. Basically she said that Hammerfast had tenuous relations with the Empire and can’t help me at the present time, but perhaps in the future. That last comment got a disapproving look from the military-looking fellow.
I left on a much more somber note than I arrived on. Ceri and I went to the Black Cat, then on to Craft Way – I needed a new tanglefoot bag and Ceri wants some kind of anti-toxin in case she’s attacked with that strange dragonbane powder again.
Ariel, the proprietor of the the apothecary shop said she hadn’t sold any dragonbane powder lately. The only other ones who might sell the stuff are an old man and his apprentice in the marketplace or a master at the craft guild. These are the only 4 people in the city with the knowledge of how to turn dragonbane into an attack powder. I bought my tanglefoot bag and we returned to Rondal’s.
Fundin arrived with Hado Banksi, a Halfling rogue-looking sort, and Winna, an elven tattooed wizard, mentored by someone named Amror. We had dinner and talked some about the potential adventure to retrieve Fundin’s family heirloom. After dinner we went upstairs to talk more in private about what we each do, but I didn’t tell them about the wings or the Imperial tattoos.
Later we all went to the Foundation Stone so Ceri could play her new song. Someone left as soon as we came in. I was pretty sure we needed to watch out for ambushes on our way back to Rondal’s. Maybe I’m just getting paranoid. A fight broke out in the Stone, and a pair of bouncers make them settle their differences over the Giant’s Foot pit. It was all very entertaining.
Tras came in while Ceri was playing her song about him. He had two humans and a dwarf with him – the the two humans looked alike enough to be brothers. One of them was the guy I’d tangled up at the market, making the other possibly the one who assaulted Ceri since the voices were similar. All four were rude, crude and surly. When we tried to leave, he challenged me to a game of Giant’s Foot. I was almost drunk enough to accept, but Ceri talked me out of it.
The next day, Ceri went ot eh lore guild for research and Piper for one final day of work for the temple of Pelor. I hung around Rondal’s and visited the herbalist in the marketplace. He said he sold dragonbane powder to Tras a few months ago and that the stuff will keep that long. I bought 10 sticks of cinnamon, as well as rations for myself and my horse for the adventure to come.
The following day, we bid farewell to Rondal’s, picked up our horses, settled our stable bills and left. After leaving the city, we met Anders’ new friend who he’s been spending time with outside the city while we were busy with affairs in the city. His new friend is a large black wolf. Awesome.



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