Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri's Journal 2/26/12

We had to set new watches with so many new folks in our party, but it’s good to have more friends traveling with us. Our very first night on the road, we were camped on the side of the roadway, with trees surrounding our campsite. During 3rd watch, Winna, Fundin and Hado thought they heard something in the trees and woke the rest of us. We waited til we were sure of the direction and distance of the sounds and I shot out a bullet with daylight on it. What we saw was such a surprise. It was a huge skeleton, far bigger than any man with an enormous Morningstar. Fundin threw an entangle field around it and we tried hitting it with various magical and ranged attacks. It took damage from Winna’s lightning bolts and my sling bullets but it didn’t seem much slowed by the entangle field. When it got to the edge of the field, we moved up to attack it. Piper cast a spell to make us all a little more resistant to damage and easier for us to hit, and Winna enlarged me to the size of a small giant. Ceri sang the song of fiery death to improve the damage we could do to this creature. The skeleton got a good solid hit in on me. It hurt a lot – I thought it was going to kill me, but thanks to Piper’s spell, I was still alive, but barely. Piper tried to turn the creature, but was unable to affect it. We were in real trouble here. Piper healed me and I stayed to help the others attack the creature. My weapons weren’t really successful at getting through to this creature, but the fire damage did affect it. It almost killed Anders’ new wolf friend before turning back to me again. If Ceri hadn’t gotten a good strong bite attack in on it that destroyed it, we could have been in a real lot of trouble. Piper healed the wolf, Anders, and me some more too before we were through for the night. The skeleton turned out to be that of a cloud giant. Who or what could have raised such a thing to wander the countryside?
The next day during our lunch break we were attacked by three zombie bugbears. This time, Piper did manage to destroy them with Pelor’s assistance.
We finally got off the main road and started moving on a smaller, long-unused road. Under cover of trees, I finally shared the secret of my wings and ability to fly with the newcomers. I didn’t want to surprise them in the middle of combat if I needed to take to the air. It felt good to have my wings free even if only for a few minutes. I wish I didn’t need to wear this cloak all the time.
That night we camped and again were disturbed on third watch. This time it turned out be an animated brazier. Winna adopted it and vice versa. She has a new friend. The way she treated it was actually rather cute. I’m sure as a wizard, she can put it to good use, but I wonder who or what created such a thing and left it around to wander on its own. I hope not the wizard who has been raising these undead creatures.
We spent two days of uneventful travel. Actually it was rather a relief to avoid encounters for a while. On the third day, we spotted orc tracks near a ravine. Anders said they were relatively old and not to worry about them – but they probably mean we are headed in the right direction.
Two more days passed and we found more orc tracks – these were headed further into the hills. Fundin pulled some maps out of cases he was carrying. He showed us that we were headed in the general direction of three abandoned mines. The orc tracks were also headed in the same direction. The map showed that if we stayed on this road, we would eventually reach all 3 of the abandoned mines.
The following day was quiet as we moved further toward the hills and the mines.
On the next day, we spotted an orc watcher on a ridge. Hado and I snuck up to the ridge… a long slow process because we were trying so hard not to be seen or heard. Finally we made it to the slope up to the ridge. While we were climbing the slope, we made a little too much noise, and the orc spotted us. I threw off my cloak and flew up to the top and grappled him before he could light the signal fire on the ridge. Hado finished climbing up and stabbed the orc, killing him.
Unfortunately, even though we prevented him from lighting the signal fire, we couldn’t avoid making noise during the scuffle. Hado and I spotted a mine opening higher up to the north with a wisp of smoke rising up nearby it. There were a lot of orcs milling about outside the mine opening. Did they see or hear us kill their scout?



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