Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri's Journal 3/10/12

Hado and I observed the activity around the mine for a bit, then returned with the news of 90-100 orcs plus bigger things as well as one smaller guy. We decided to take advantage of the hole in their surveillance and move further in towards the mines, perhaps to look for another way in.
We passed tracks, which Anders identified as belonging to ogres, orcs, goblins, gnolls.. and also something reptilian.
We obviously weren’t scouting ahead well enough because we got ambushed by four ogres. We killed one and healed the rest to stability. We woke one of them and he claimed the mountains for his kind, promising more ogres and others will come. He refused to tell us more. We woke a second one, who either wouldn’t or couldn’t speak common so I killed the first one in front of him. HE still wouldn’t talk.
We woke the third one who obliged us by being a bit more talkative than the first two. He said they were getting weapons from the mine. The bossman there isn’t an orc, ogre, human, Halfling, gnome or dwarf – he’s not sure exactly what the bossman is, but he’s scaly without having horns. The bossman and the head orc both have axes resembling Fundin’s missing heirloom. He also told us that it is a dwarf who is bringing the weapons to the mine, but he didn’t know from where. He also told us that there was a big feast planned for that night.
We searched the ogres’ bodies and found a lot of gold and gems. While it seems such a small thing, I’m glad we found something on them. I don’t know how the others are doing on gold, but I would like more cash on hand. I’d like to find a way to improve my defenses and magic isn’t cheap.
We found a hidden place to camp for the night. Our ogre prisoner broke his bonds and attacked Fundin. We knocked him unconscious again and kept him that way.
Many orcs, plus all of the goblins, gnolls and ogres left the day after the big feast. That left only the tribe that actually lives here in the mine.
We decided to leave the unconscious ogre with the horses and Anders’ wolf to guard them all. Piper made sure the ogre was force fed some water before we left to keep him alive. Then we began to search for an opening into what we hoped would be the caverns that led to the mines.
Eventually we did find an opening and Ceri climbed down to check it out. The rest of us followed once Ceri determined it was safe. We traveled a bit and found a chasm with giant centipedes in it. We killed 8 of them. No more attacked, I hope we don’t run into more of them. They died easily but their poison could be devastating if one succumbed to it.
We got across the chasm using grappling hooks and ropes… it wasn’t easy, and I hope we don’t have to come back this same way – it will be slow going and could be dangerous if we’re being followed or chased.



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