Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Ceridwen's Journal 12/24/11

High Meadow is booooorrrrriiing!!!
Things got a bit more interesting around midwinter. The town got together to celebrate. They put up decorations and built an ice skating rink. I’ve never seen anything like it. They poured water on the ground and it is so cold that it froze. Then they strapped pieces of metal to their feet and slid across it. They play a games on it one called curling (I don’t understand the rules to this) and one called hockey. Hockey seems a little easier to understand: one group tries to get a stone over to the other team’s side of the ice. They seem to have fun doing it. Yuri put the pieces of metal on his feet and tried to skate; he looks very funny doing it.
At Midwinter’s eve they had a big feast with lots of drinking. I did my fair share but in the middle of the night we heard cries of fire. We woke up and threw on our furs. We went out back to get buckets when Yuri saw a troll. It was carrying a bundle. I figured that I would like what was in the bundle and couldn’t let the troll get away with it so I ran after him full speed.
After I battle with the beast I decided that we need a better source of fire. I had been working on combining my draconic heritage and my inspire ability. I can call on the power of my ancestors to make the weapons of my friends burst into flame when they hit. This was the first time that I had tried it in combat. It worked really well. The flaming weapons kept the troll from regenerating all of the damage we did to it. We killed it and burned it. We found out the bundle was a child.
All of us thought the fire might have been a diversion. We looked around to see if there were other trolls in the town. We found tracks of three other trolls and that Tinker and some children were missing. We didn’t go back after our armor we just raced off after the trolls.
We followed them with Yuri flying on ahead. We came to a place where other tracks crossed the path of the trolls. We kept following the trolls. Yuri caught up with them and slowed them down. We fought and killed them. It was a much easier battle thanks to my new ability. We took the children and Tinker back to town.
The next day we set off to see what the other set of tracks were. We followed them until they split into two sets of tracks, one human looking and the other humanoid. We followed the single set of human tracks until we saw a figure of an old man in the distance. We saw that he was being ambushed by a group of humanoids. Again Yuri flew ahead. We found that they were gnolls. We killed some of them and rushed after the old man fearing that we would be too late to save him. We found him sitting on a stump with a group of unconscious gnolls. He man said he had been set on during his morning walk. He said we could call him Sage.
The old man asked us back to his house. It is strange that we have never seen or heard about a man living out here. He seemed a nice enough man. Still I am slightly suspicious of him. We talked for a time. He knew what I am and he was unsurprised by Yuri’s wings. We asked him about the worm. He told us that the dragon was so powerful that he could not be killed and a group of mages cursed him into a slumber. We didn’t get much real information out of him. There seemed to be much that he wasn’t telling us.
We went back to town and I asked if Bear knew about someone living out there. Bear had not heard of anyone and wanted to know if he was dangerous. I said I didn’t think so, I hope I’m not wrong. A couple of days later Yuri flew over where he thought the man’s house was and found nothing.

Yuri’s Journal 12/17/11

I did an aerial scout of the creek bed area. There was a strange tree with an especially dark area under it but I didn’t spot anything in or around the tree. There was also an odd lump of snow where it didn’t seem quite natural for there to be one… maybe something was hidden there under the snow. Ceri shot the lump of snow with an arrow but nothing happened so we figured maybe it was just a stump or a bush under the snow.
Just as we were sure the creature wasn’t here, it came up out of the lump of the snow where it had been hiding all along. The creature sure was canny and sneaky. It attacked us in a fury but we chased it off with a barrage of attacks including fire. We gave chase. It was much faster than us, but left an obvious trail through the snow and we followed it back around in a circle to the strange tree. That dark patch under the tree turned out to be the entrance to a cavern under the roots. The creature’s lair! We attacked it with everything we had, especially the alchemist fires that Sybil, the tinker had made for us and Ceri’s fire arrows.
The tide of battle turned against us… Anders and I were both down from the creature’s dangerous teeth and claws… Luckily Piper thought to turn the beast to keep it from savaging our bodies and killing us. Ceri continued to shoot it with her fire arrows while Piper healed us both. I got sick from the creature’s foul stench when I hit it, and the creature broke out of the turning and hit Anders again, taking him down. Ceri’s fire arrows finally dropped the creature to unconsciousness.
Piper healed Anders while Ceri kept the creature down… Then Anders kept hitting it with his law aligned blade to keep it down. We burned the corpse as best we could until we were sure it was no longer healing the damage we had done to it and it was truly and finally dead.
We searched and examined the cave. The creature may have been smart, but it was not a treasure collector. We did find marks on the walls from its claws that resembled crude and ancient writings. The language was an ancient form of a mix of Abyssal and Infernal. I could barely make out the source, thanks to the legacy of my father’s knowledge of such things when he gifted me with his essence, but I couldn’t understand the meaning. We camped in the cave overnight so Piper could cast a Comprehend Languages the next morning. She said the writings meant “The worm awakes.” We chose to obliterate the words before returning to High Meadow.
When we got back to High Meadow, they were all thrilled to know the beast was dead. I went to see Lonimo, the Elven glassblower and mystic, who told us of an ancient wyrm named Calistryx, and known as ‘the scourge of the mountains.’ We had heard of Calistryx in Laskon previously in relation to a wizard named Starris. Lonimo told us that Starris was known to be a very skilled wizard. The old elf mystic advised us to seek more information in Hammerfast. We should, he said, speak to the spirits in the dwarven Necropolis, as they would know of Calistryx and Starris first hand.
It was good to be back someplace warm and dry again. I hope the rest of the winter passes quietly. I like High Meadow, but I look forward to getting back on the road to Laskon (in dryer, warmer weather though). Rata the trapper and muleskinner makes me nervous with his imperial gold and we still have unfinished business in Laskon, including picking up our specially made items they offered us. And if we are going to travel to Hammerfast, Laskon is on the way.

Ceridwen's Journal 12/17/11

We finally killed it. We had tracked the beast to the creek. The snags and deadfalls looked like a perfect place for an ambush. Riyu took to the air to scout. There was a large evergreen tree with roots that hung over the river, underneath seemed to be a deeper shadow. Riyu landed in the tree to try to see what was there. He got in but still couldn’t see anything. He dropped a branch with light on it down and still couldn’t see anything.
We continued to advance towards the tree. Riyu pointed out a lump in the snow. I shot it with a regular arrow and it didn’t move. Riyu tried to get out of the tree. The branches were close together and covered with snow and he fell. He caught himself before he fell too far. He managed to finally get out but just then the lump of snow erupted.
The beast was under the snow. It came charging toward me like a landslide. We used up most of the alchemical fires trying to damage the thing. Just as it was looking weak it turned and ran. We followed it. It turned back to the creek and went into the cave.
We were low on alchemical fire and Piper was low on spells most of us were hurt and it was unclear if we would finish the beast or it would finish us. Riyu stopped us and told us his real name was Yuri. He had not wanted us to know in case we were questioned under truth spell by an Imperial Red Robe. It’s great that he trusts us so much. I had to laugh I’m the one who is supposed to be melodramatic.
We went in to the cave after the beast and fought it till it fell. It was wholly dead it kept regenerating some of the damage that was done to it. It got back up and continued fighting. We did more damage to it and finally it lay still and stopped regenerating. We had used every flaming thing we had. Piper gathered branches to build a fire. We saw some scratches on the cave wall. They looked like writing. I know this thing was smart but writing? We left the cave when it got too smoky. Piper said that tomorrow she could cast a spell so we would know what the writing said. We went back in; the Beast was consumed by the fire. There was nothing left and no treasure. Piper said the writing said “The Worm Awakes” Worm = Dragons eek. I hate evil dragons. Eek.
We made our way back to the town; they were surprised to see us still alive since we had been gone so long. I did a pretty good job of telling the tale. I’ll have to work on it some more.
We have to hold up in this town for the winter. Lord, am I going to be bored. I have to find something to do to keep busy. Maybe I’ll get Yuri to teach me some thieving skills.

Yuri’s Journal 12/11/11

In High Meadow, Bear offered free drinks and food to the whole town to celebrate the birth of Nathan and Bianca’s boy child. He let us sleep in the common room of the inn for the night, as there were no other lodgings available. The town was at full capacity – everyone living as close as possible within the stockade as that was safest considering the early winter storms.
Over breakfast we spoke to Bear about the possibility of some kind of lodgings for the winter. He told us there was one vacant house, belonging to a sheepherder Ogrim and his family. They were staying at their other home as their herd had grown too large to winter in the town.
Just as we were agreeing to use Ogrim’s High Meadow home for the winter, his son Justin came running in screaming “Daisy’s been all torn to pieces!” We gathered that Daisy must have been the family’s cow. The description Justin excitedly gave sounded like our creature at work so we grabbed our gear and followed him out to where he and his father and brother had found the corpse. We found Ogrim and Barnus (another son) and soon found the creature… we sent Justin, Barnus and Ogrim running away and the four of us tackled the creature.
We fought it for some time. Piper aligned my rapier and Ceri’s arrows to be good and we fought it also using alchemist’s fire and Piper’s healing spells. The healing spells again did damage, but not as much as expected. The fire did good damage to it. We noticed it healed up most of the damage it was taking rather quickly – but not the fire damage. I only had 2 alchemist fires and used them both – the creature fled – a good thing because Anders was severely wounded as was I.
We returned to Ogrim’s farm and found his wife quickly packing to return to High Meadow, while Ogrim and his sons seemed reluctant to leave their herd. We convinced them they would be safer in High Meadow. They decided to take the herd and hopefully find room SOMEWHERE within the confines of the city.
We helped them finish packing and Ceri and I pulled their sled since Daisy was dead and she was their yoke beast.
We arrived back in High Meadow and wasted no time visiting Sybil, the tinker. Ceri delivered the items Sybil had requested from Laskon and Sybil agreed to make us some modified alchemist fires. We will have to light these manually, but they will be usable in combat with some effort. Ceri picked up the fire arrows Sybil made for her. The rest of us got 4 of the modified alchemist fires each. She also made us each one flask of acid.
Over the next two days, we talked about the possibility of digging a pit and luring the creature into it… but it might be difficult with the ground so cold. The snow continued to fall and we spent most of our time indoors. Piper made us 2 holy waters each during the two days of snow.
Rata, the rude muleskinner from our first visit to High Meadow returned on the first night of the snow and Ceri used prestidigitation magic to clean him up so he wouldn’t smell so bad, since we were sharing the common room of the inn with him (Ogrim and family having returned to their High Meadow home). Rada had imperial gold on him and we were concerned that he might have sold information about us to the imperials, but we couldn’t catch him in a lie when he told us he sold some of his skins to traders who had the coins.
I went to talk with Lonimo, the mystic glassblower elf. He said the creature sounds like a creature of the elder gods of chaos and suggested that maybe law-aligned weapons would have more affect than good ones. I told Piper about this when I returned to the inn….
After 5 days of steady snow, we finally had a break in the weather. It’s still overcast but it stopped snowing. The four of us returned to the woods to search for the creatures, hopefully more prepared than ever before. I took to the air, not wanting to slog through the snow. I’m sure the guards on the stockade saw me, but nothing to be done about that now. By the time we return, I’m sure the whole town will know, including Rata. Ah well.
We made our way back to where we last encountered the creature and followed the swath of downed trees for a distance. Ceri called to the beast, as did I but we got no response. I wonder if it’s bear countenance put it into hibernation – I hoped not. Ceri and Anders built traps and a dead-fall, but we didn’t bring a sheep as bait – one of us will have to be bait if we can get the creature to come close to us here.
We camped near our traps for 2 days, doing a little searching for the creature and trying to call to it. On the night of the 2nd day we heard it in the distance (good, it wasn’t hibernating), but it didn’t come close to us. I wonder if it knows we built traps and wants to lure us to it – it does seem awfully canny for a beast.
On the third morning camping out in the wilderness, we had a return of the snow flurries during the day. Instead of sitting idly in the camp, we decided to follow the line of broken trees to the creek-bed I spotted while flying two days earlier.
At the creek-bed, Anders spotted tracks and we began to follow them – difficult in this weather, but I trust if anyone can do it – Anders can!

Ceridwen's Journal 12/11/11

We talked to the barkeep about where we should stay for the winter. I hate that we are stuck in this small town all winter. He suggested that we stay in the sheepherder’s old house in town. The Sheppard’s flock had grown too big for the pen in town so they had enlarged the barn at the house outside of town. We were discussing this when a boy showed up yelling “she was torn to pieces”. I started getting into my chain shirt. I’m not sure why I ever take the thing off, no sooner do I get it off than some trouble comes to find us. Life was simpler when all I had to worry about was a murderous blue dragon.
We found out it wasn’t a person that was attacked but a cow that had wandered out of the barn. The boy’s father and older brother were going after it and the boy had been sent to get help. We had to find the kid’s father before the monster found him, so set off hurriedly on the trail of the boy’s father.
We found the carcass of “daisy’ she looked just like the elk we had seen savaged by the monster. Slashed and mauled but no part eaten. I asked the boy what the names of his family members where and called out to them repeatedly. We had no problem following the path of the monster. I was very worried that we would not get to the people in time.
Two men came running out of the trees screaming that it was right behind them. We took up positions and waited for the monster. We didn’t have long to wait, crashing through the trees came the horrible heads of the monster. Never have I had such problems dispatching a foe, I’m afraid the faces of the monster are going to live on in my nightmares long after it is dead. We fought well and bravely. I feared that Riyu and/or Anders were going to be killed they both took a lot of damage from the foul beast. Piper cast a spell on my arrows that made it easier to hit it. She also cast a spell to make Riyu’s weapon aligned good. The beast healed wounds as fast as we made them. It wasn’t until Riyu threw a flask of alchemical fire at the beast that we really hurt it. As usual the best fled as soon as it became too damaged.
We slogged through the snow to the home of the boy, we found it was the sheepherder whose city house we had planned to stay in. The sheppard’s wife started packing as soon as she heard the story. (I guess we will not be staying there).
We escorted the family to town. Riyu and I pulled the wagon. We were bone weary when we got back. I cleaned us up and we bedded down at the tavern. The townsfolk decided to set watches and we let them. That night we planned our attack on the monster.
We sent for Tinker, she brought the arrows I had bought from her and I gave her the things she had asked me to pick up in Laskcon. We talked to her about getting more alchemical fire. She didn’t have the kind that ignites when they hit but she could make us ones that we could light and them throw. Piper can make some holy water since it is undead it shouldn’t like that to well. I’d like to dig a pit but the ground is frozen. Anders suggested a dead-fall and snares. While Piper worked we got rope. Riyu went to talk to the glassblower. He said that maybe a lawful aligned weapon would hurt it since it was a beast of chaos.
During the second night the fur trapper showed back up. I do not like how he treats his donkey. I told him that he had to submit to a prestidigitation spell before he could sleep in the tavern. He didn’t like that much but I gave him no choice. Over the next day I tried to make him uneasy. I don’t like that he has Imperial gold on him. It makes me wonder where he is getting it from. He’s done nothing other than to mistreat his donkey and make me nervous, but I can still make him as uncomfortable as he makes me.
As Soon as it stopped snowing we set off after the beast, he is very smart and will not fall for the snares we set even though I called out for him to come to us all day. Riyu scouted and found a creek bed. We went there and found tracks of the beast. Now we will follow them until we met the monster again…

Yuri’s Journal 11/26/2011

The decision made that we would brave the passes before it began to snow in earnest, we ordered cold weather gear to be finished for us by morning – at an increased cost. We bought drinks for all our Laskon warriors, then left to have dinner with Tom Ironshield, the mayor and Grundi. We told them the tale of our adventure and gave Grundi the scrap of hide with the initials MM (or WW?) on it. As thanks from the city, they offered each of us MW/special weapons or armor made for us, and Grundi offered to magic whatever item we chose. We made no final decisions that night.
We collected our new cold weather gear in the morning and took off for Highmeadow right away – We had to try to get Piper back to the town before Bianca had her baby.
By day 3 of our travels, we entered the area that had been blighted before and saw normal animals about. That was something of a relief, though the altar still needs to be untainted. Our measures were still only of a stopgap nature. If the cave ever becomes unsealed, the blight will no doubt return.
On day 4 we found a dead elk on the path. The corpse had been savaged, but not eaten. Perhaps it was killed by the beast with three heads we learned of in Laskon. It began to snow that night.
By lunchtime of the next day, there was 5” of snow on the ground and it snowed all that night as well.
By day 6, there was 18” of snow on the ground when we packed up our camp in the morning. We traveled on despite the cold and difficult traveling conditions.
That night we heard cat yowls and wolf howls that sounded like they were coming from the same general direction. We saw no direct sign of any creatures though.
On day 7 it stopped snowing thought it was still overcast. Around noon we were attacked by the 3-headed creature. It was indeed as horrific as described by the lone survivor from Laskon. It tripped Ceri, hit Anders, and when I hit it, it made me so sick I couldn’t continue to attack . Piper realized it was undead and turned it.
We followed, but it was much faster than we were. We made camp and set up the best defenses we could.
The next day, we continued to follow it, discovered we’d missed the trail and had strayed too high up… we spent the rest of the day searching for the trail
On day nine, despite snow flurries and wind impeding our search, we found the trail.
For the next three days we stayed on the trail… We killed a doe and dressed it, keeping the meat for rations. Camp on the 12th night was uneventful.
On day 13, the weather still the same, we continued to follow the beast. It was fast. Was it leading us somewhere intentionally? I was beginning to feel like we were being led on a merry chase.
On day 14, the weather was worse, with snow flurries and bitter cold. The creature must have turned back on its own trail at some point and it attacked us again. We ran it off, having done massive damage to it. Piper said that like her turn attempt seemed harder than it should have been, the cure spell she cast on it didn’t do as much damage as it should have. Something or someone is aiding the creature, giving it defenses against us. Not only that it is canny, knowing when to initiate and when to break off combat.
For the next 2 days we had quiet and uneventful travel and peaceful nights.
Day 17 dawned quiet , clear and cold. No sign of impending snow at all with such clear skies. That was a welcome relief. We made good time and got much closer to High Meadow.
Day 18 was spent making as much distance as we could and the night was uneventful.
On day 19, we arrived in High Meadow in the mid-afternoon. Piper went immediately to Nathan’s house while the rest of us went to the inn. I wasn’t sure how many hours Bianca was in labor before we arrived, but it wasn’t long before Piper arrived exhausted at the inn, having helped Bianca deliver a healthy boy child. That was close… we barely arrived in time!

Yuri’s Journal 11/6/11

We continued traveling. Progress was slow… swamp, probing for sinkholes… it all took its toll. After a while, Anders had to admit he was clueless as to where the lizardman village might be. There was no sign of the spot where we had met up with our little friend and no sign of tracks of any kind. We decided the three of us – Anders, Ceri and I – would scout ahead while the others waited. Three hours later and Anders finally found what appeared to be a well-traveled path. But which way to the village? I did some aerial scouting and determined which direction on the path led to the edge of the swamp and which direction led further into the morass. We marked the trail and went back to collect Piper and the troops. It was only an hour to get back to them… and another hour to get back to the path. It was a long day already and I was tired, but we traveled on further, since it was still as light as the constant fog would allow.
Suddenly we were being charged by four heavyset dog-like creatures. I say doglike, but their relationship to dogs had to be scant if any. Their bodies were roughly dog like, but they had no heads, instead, their long tentacle necks ended in a huge maw with vicious teeth. Worse, we discovered quickly that they spit acid too. These had to be the hag’s special hounds!. The fight was fierce and the things couldn’t be flanked… probably because of those long flexible necks. Before it was over, we had two dead troopers (one human, one dwarf), both of whom had had their heads literally bitten off by these things. Several others were wounded, keeping Piper very busy after the fight was over.
We buried our dead and left the creatures to rot. We opted not to cut them open since they had spit acid… who knows what might have come out of them if we’d cut into them.
We traveled on along the path and found the lizardman village. It was burnt out, smoldering still… everyone was dead.. We found the remains of what we think was our little friend lizardman. He’d been strung up and tortured before being burned like the rest. There was no sign of the hag. We walked around the nearby lake, looking for signs of the hag’s passage… Anders couldn’t find anything to indicate she’d left the village. No tracks leading into or out of the lake, nothing to show she’d left the village at all. She must be a cagy sort of creature.
Ceri tried using her viewing stone to taunt her into coming out of hiding, but she didn’t respond. We camped that night near the village. It was a quiet night.
The next morning, day 44, we went back and buried lizardman bodies, then we headed back toward Laskon.
It took us 4 days to get out of the swamp and back to Laskon. Once we got out of the swamp, it started drizzling, making the last leg of the trip almost as miserable as the time slogging through the swamp.
Day 49 – We arrived back in Laskon just as the drizzle started to turn to snow. We got bad news when we arrived in town. One of the escorts for the midwife says his party was attacked by a monster with three heads – one a bear, one wolf, one boar. I wonder if it had anything to do with that evil altar the dwarves were supposed to destroy with adamantine. The three creatures we killed that were warped by the altar were a wolf, a bear and a boar. Coincidence? I’m not sure.
Piper wanted to head directly to High Meadow, but with the passes snowed in, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Something we need to discuss further, I’m sure…

Yuri’s Journal 10/31/11

The rest of the night I spent sleeping only fitfully. The guarded worry that we might be attacked again nagged at me the rest of the night. The next morning was no different than the last. We’re still in the swamp… wet and miserable. We slogged on thru the muck, enjoying the few steps we could take on dryer land now and then as our path took us over and through the small hillocks that rose above the swamp occasionally.
At a time when we were all vulnerably in the muck, I noticed eyes peering at us from the swamp water. I didn’t even have time to shout a warning, and it clearly wasn’t needed – others had seen them too. Anders shouted that we were being attacked by crocodiles. I’d never seen one before…. Large lizards by the look of them…. Much larger than the little shocker lizards we’d seen in the swamp before. These things were brutally strong and very fast. They didn’t seem at all hampered by the water and muck – in fact they seemed quite at home in the stuff.
Ceri started to sing almost immediately and Piper blessed us all and the fight began in earnest. The crocodiles closed in quickly and things went fast after that. I took a slight wound, Ceri took a deeper one, and several of the dwarves were wounded badly… one was grabbed by the creature. They seemed to have the ability to grapple their victims. Most of us were lucky and avoided that fate. The one dwarf who was grabbed was freed rather easily when all the others around him turned their attacks on the croc holding him.
Three of the crocs ganged up on me initially, but Piper and several of the troops came to my aid and we managed to down the three easily with our combined attacks. The others fared almost as well, concentrating their attacks. Anders managed to take one out with one fantastic pair of attacks to vital areas. Piper healed the worst hurt of the dwarves and Ceri.
We traveled on from there. Ceri I guess decided meat from these creatures wouldn’t be worth collecting. I’m actually rather glad of that… not sure I’d want to eat one of those.
As we walked through the swamp, one of the dwarves suddenly disappeared under the water. Piper grabbed for him and couldn’t get a grip at first. Others around him managed to grab him but couldn’t get him up out of the water. I decided we were far enough from imperial eyes that it didn’t matter who saw my wings. The dwarves were going to see me at some point anyway, so I threw off my cloak and flew over to where the dwarf had sunk. I made a grab for him and got a hold… With all the others also grabbing and pulling, we managed to get him out of the muck and I flew off with him in my arms. I found a dry place to set him down. I think he was grateful, tho it was hard to tell. I don’t think he much enjoyed the flight part of it. Dwarves seem to prefer their feet solidly on the ground.
Anders and Ceri each cut a couple of saplings to use as poles and they and some of the troops started carefully probing the ground as we moved. I decided to stay in the air for the time being, keeping watch from the sky. Going was really slow from this point on as the others had to probe as they walked, looking for more sinkholes.
Piper did a little more healing before we rested that night, and we set up camp, with the usual watches. Ceri made sure there was at least one archer on each watch. The dwarves didn’t much remark about my wings, I think by the time we camped they were used to the idea… but I covered up anyway – I don’t want my wings dragging in the swamp.

Yuri’s Journal 10/23/11

We re-entered the civilized portion of the valley with our prisoners in tow today. The farmer who let us sleep in his barn on our trip out to the swamp was reluctant to do so again with the lizardmen with us. I can’t really blame him. We camped by the side of the road instead.
The next day, our 37th since leaving Anders’ shack, was uneventful until we arrived at Laskon proper in the late afternoon. We were met at the gates by Tromm Ironshield and a large welcoming committee of locals. The crowd began to throw things at the lizardmen. At first it was only rotten vegetables, but we saw some of the villagers pick up rocks and talked them down from throwing them.
After Ceri did a quick prestidigitation on us all, we were escorted to the mayor’s house to tell our tale briefly. Then we were escorted back to the inn. Apparently we are not allowed to wander freely in the inner part of the city. We did our best to avoid telling much about our adventures at the inn. No use starting rumors. Ceri began mending our soiled and swamp-ruined boots. I went out and bought a new pair of work type boots for when we return to the swamp.
We got invited back to the mayor’s house for dinner that night, and so we went. It was a nice dinner. Afterwards we discussed plans to return to the swamp with a dwarven force that could help us against the green woman and her summoned creatures.
Grondi gave us some information about the green woman – it seems she’s a hag, an type of evil creature that typically waylays people. They are horrid, ugly creature that do evil for its own sake. She will be highly intelligent, strong and speak many languages. Hags are resistant to spells and prefer to attack from hiding. They see well in the dark and can change their form, be invisible, breathe underwater, and weaken an opponent with merely a touch. The stone the hunters carry is called a ‘hag’s eye’ and she can see through it. All of this sounds like she will be difficult to defeat or kill.
Ceri talked to Grondi about getting one or more scrolls of glitterdust that we can use to counter invisibility.
Also, it was discussed that Piper would be needed on this mission, and it would be best if Laskon sent a midwife to help with the birth in Highmeadow. Piper wrote a letter of apology to Nathaniel and his wife and introduction for the midwife, Mena.
The following day, #38, Ceri did more boot mending and we relaxed in town. Lots of rumors and speculations were going around town about the upcoming mission and the lizardmen. Word gets out fast.
On day 39, we set out early for the swamp. The Sgt of the guard came with us, but made it clear that the four of us were basically in charge.
On day 40 we were still heading for the swamp. Making progress is slow with this many dwarves along with us. They don’t move as fast as we do, but they are tireless.
We arrived at the swamp on day 41. We found a dry place to camp on the edge of the swamp and the night was uneventful. On the following day, we moved into the swamp. Anders, Ceri and I scouted ahead and to the flanks as the others marched in a tight unit. The day passed uneventfully. That night, we found some scattered hillocks to camp on, in groups of 4. We were attacked that night by two giant toads. These creatures were double the size of a man, and almost swallowed one of our dwarves whole. Another tried to do the same to Anders but failed. With some concentrated fire and strong attacks, we managed to kill both toads without loss to the party.
Hopefully the rest of the night will be quieter. I do hope these were not some of the green woman’s summoned creatures, but they didn’t seem natural to me. We shall see.

Ceridwen's Journal 10/23/11

We fast marched our captives back to camp. It was slow going because they were roped together. We passed the farm house were we had slept on our journey to the swamp. The farmer didn’t want lizardmen in his barn. I used my breath weapon to sleep our captives at night. Two were able to resist the effects (grumble grumble).
As we approached the city a group was waiting for us, it included Tom Ironsheild and others. They took charge of our captives. We walked flanking them into the city a crowd had gathered. The crowd was angry, they thought the lizardmen were responsible for the attack against the city. Riyu calmed them down before any serious harm could come to anyone.
We spruced up and went to see the mayor and told our tale. During questioning we found out that we had forgotten to learn the location of the lizardmen’s town or how many warriors guarded the city. I was ashamed to have made such a mistake. The mayor asked if we could lead a force against the Green Woman. We told the mayor that Piper had promised to give aid to a woman who was due to give birth back in High Meadow. I asked if they could send a guard with Piper back to help the pregnant woman. The mayor suggested that we might be able to send a midwife to her and have Piper continue with us. The mayor said that they need to plan more. We went back to our Inn to get drink and food. After that we had a bath. I love baths, so much water just to wash in is just obscenely decadent.
At one point Riyu was wanted to get new shoes, I remembered that I can do the spell mending. Instead of getting new ill fitting shoes I can make our old shoes serviceable again. My spells are not good for combat but they do make life easier. After meeting the wizard Grande I am wondering if I should work on learning more spells instead of learning to perform better. It seems to me that dragons are natural sorcerers; if I concentrate on that part of my heritage I may be able to unlock more of my magical nature. I could learn spells that are more combat oriented or I could work more on how to hit vital areas of the body. I think Riyu has some knowledge of those arts. I’m sure he’d teach me if I asked.
The next evening we went to dinner at the mayor’s house. It was a fine dinner (fit for a mayor) After that we solidified our plans. A midwife would be sent in place of Piper with a healing potion. We would lead a force of 20 guards against the Green Woman. Grande told us that by examining the stone he had learned that most likely we were facing a Hag. Not an old woman but a monster. They are very evil and use magic. They can see through the stone it is called a Hags eye. This creature sounds very dangerous. We would meet early tomorrow outside the gate.
They woke us up well before dawn (groan). We set off with our men. Riyu seemed unsettled when one of the guards called him sir. The guard explained that we had been set in charge of this para-military expedition and it was traditional to call the leaders sir.
During the first night we were attacked by two giant Toads. We killed them without much difficultly.


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