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  • Laskon

    Dwarven city in the western mountains of [[Elerion]]. Laskon is situated at the foot of a mountain in a long north south running river valley. There are numerous small farms scattered along the valley. A walled town, Laskon, sits on one side of the …

  • Elerion

    The world as it is known by the citizens of the empire.

  • Crossroads Inn

    Inn located at the intersection of the main north-south and east-west roads in the western most part of [[Elerion | Elerion]].

  • High Meadow

    Human settlement in the western mountains. A small village surrounded by a wooden palisade. It is located in a small valley with several small farms. At first glance the village seems almost deserted with all but a few of the buildings empty. But upon …

  • Wayward Inn

    Small inn in the village of [[High Meadow | High Meadow]]. [[:demor-bear-barunius | Demor "Bear" Barunius]] Innkeeper [[:avelya | Avelya]] - Cook [[:launo | Launo]] - scullery boy [[:thalbar | Thalbar]] - scullery boy

  • Stone Dragon Inn

    Run by [[:mak-bagbol | Mak Bagbol]] and his sister [[:braza-bagbol | Braza Bagbol]]. 8 rooms (4 singles 1gp, 4 doubles 2gp) and a stable next door for about 10 horses and is free if you're staying at the inn but you're expected to take care of your own …

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