Dwarven city in the western mountains of Elerion.

Laskon is situated at the foot of a mountain in a long north south running river valley. There are numerous small farms scattered along the valley.
A walled town, Laskon, sits on one side of the river connected to the main mine entrance by a stone bridge. The entrance to the mine is flanked by two stone towers. A pair of metal door can be closed to seal the entrance to the mine.

Khandrik Ironhand – Head of the local mining guild and mayor

Tromm Ironshield – Captain of the guard

Herrim Quartzeye – Sergeant of the guard

Ondran – elf wizard

Grundi Clubfoot – dwarf wizard

The Visitor’s Quarter:
Bazaar – sell everything from food and drink to weapons, armor and potions.
General store – standard equipment
Travelers temple
Guard House
Trade Guild House and stables
Lore Guild House
Craft Guild House
Boarding house
Stone Dragon Inn – Traveler’s inn and stables owned and run by brother and sister:


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