Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Ceridwen journal 2/4/12

Hammerfast is an interesting city, after my visit with the Lore guild I joined Piper and Anders over at the Black Cat. The inn was a former tomb and the decorations still look like it is. The tables are sarcophagi and the waitresses wear shrouds. What a wonderfully ghoulish place. I tried to play but sound doesn’t carry in here. Considering its right next to the lore guild this must be a really popular place to conduct business or discuss things that you don’t want over heard. I talked to the owner about the place and told him how much I liked it.
Yuri/Riyu never got into see the ghost wizard but he got a pass to come back the next day. We headed back to the gate yard to find rooms for the night. We stopped by the Music Hall to see when the next show was; it looks like they are on the weekend. I’d like to come back to see a show but I’m not sure how you go about doing that. Does getting a ticket serve as a pass?
The people at the moderately priced inn were not overly friendly not mean just not very welcoming. We had an uninspired dinner and drinks. An elven bard (one of those curiously tall elves) came in and started playing. I went over at his break to talk. I told him I was a bard and looking for new songs because some of my companions are tired of hearing my songs. Most of the songs he knew I knew as well. He mentioned a few that I didn’t know. The Ogre and the farmer’s daughter? He said he didn’t usually play those here but he was going to the Foundation Stone and would play them there.
I overheard a dwarf talking to a Halfling about Dragons gathering. I figured I had better find out more. I found out what they were drinking and brought it over and asked them about it. The dwarf said he had heard it from a cousin. The Suri Steppe sounds like it is far away so I won’t worry too much about it now but I’ll try to find out more if I get in the lore guild. The dwarf said he is getting together a party to recover a family heirloom lost to an orc raid. That might be fun.
Piper, Anders and I went over when the bard left. Yuri had found a girl to spend some time with and didn’t come with us. At the Foundation Stone they were playing Giants feet. The game is played by two people who have their hands tied behind their backs. They stand on a plank over that awful smelly pit and try to knock each other in. Yuck. I listened to the bard and picked up a few new songs.
Yuri finally showed up and told us he had seen a ghost. I wanted to go investigate the tunnel but the rest of the group said they didn’t think it was wise.
We went over to throw knives instead. There were two guys sitting throwing and boy were they drunk. One of those really tall elves was there watching them. She stayed and watched me and Yuri throw. Yuri won; he is slightly better than me but not too much so it was a good game. The elf chick joined us she threw just well enough to hit every time. Next she suggested we play for a gold Yuri and I declined but said we would play for drinks and again she threw just well enough to stay with us. We got to talking over drinks and I asked her about her race. She said that they were from another plane. She said that most of the people of her race that were here had been asked to leave their native plain. She said if I stay here long enough she might tell me some stories of her home. Then she said she had to get back to work. I’m glad we didn’t put a lot of money on the knife throwing game.
When we were going back to our rooms we saw people around the ally were Yuri had seen the ghost. I told them we should have investigated sooner. Yuri stayed to watch them.
When we got back the kid I had sent to the lore guild was waiting with an acknowledgement but no pass. I guess I’ll have to wait on their pleasure. I can spend the time practicing.



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