Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Ceridwen's Journal 1/22/12

Riding with the caravan is interesting. In many ways it reminds me of home but in others it is very different. It is wonderful to have a horse again and to be ridding instead of walking. My horse is a sturdy little bay with a very smooth gate. I have named him Myyadah which means to walk with perfection.
The great beasts, that they call bison, use to pull the wagons are not very bright and not at all friendly. They remind me a bit of camels. The wagons are strange to me but the others seem familiar with them. They are open-topped and covered with canvas, with a wide seat were the drover and a guard sits. Each wagon is pulled by four bison. Our leader says that except in a few places two beasts can pull the carts. It seems to me that we should have more spare bison in case something happens to them.
Case in point, one night we were awakened from sleep by Riyu. Orcs were in amongst the bison. They apparently planned to kill some and eat them. We defeated the orcs pretty easily buy they had injured some bison. The bison pulled up their picket lines and started to stampede. I tried to put the bison near me to sleep but I only managed to get 2 of them sleeping. I grabbed onto the picket line and tried to stop the herd. Riyu and some of the others grabbed on to the lines and with all of us working to gather we managed to stop the bison.
We should have gone to hunt down the orcs. There tribe is called the bleeding skull clan. They have a mask that looks like a skull dripping blood. I wonder how many of them there are all together.
A few days later we were going down a steep grade with a long drop off on one side. The orcs started a landslide when we were in the middle of the slope. Anders and I kicked up our horses and made it down the hill far enough that we were not in the path of the falling rocks. The drovers tried to get the wagons to do the same but bison are not fast when pulling heavy loads. Riyu flew out of harm’s way and harried the orcs. Piper rode back up the slope to safety. It looked like all the wagons were going to make it safely out of the path of the landslide but the second to the last wagon was hit by an enormous bolder. It sent the wagon and all aboard crashing down to their doom.
Riyu flew the bodies of the slain member of our caravan to where the other wagons waited. It is very sad to lose some of our number so soon after starting out. We used the bag of holding to move the iron ore out of the gorge. We distributed the weight between the remaining wagons. We will be moving more slowly now with the extra weight. I hope we have moved beyond the territory of those orcs.



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