Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri’s Journal 1/22/12

Dogrund told us to be wary as we entered the mountains – there would be monsters and bandits as we traveled onwards. He told us about the Weeping Skull Orc tribe, the Spider Goblins, human bandits, outlaw dwarves and Halflings, minions of Queen Stravella which might include trolls and were creatures, not to mention just normal creatures. Needless to say, we needed to be extra vigilant an watchful.
On our second night in the mountains, on second watch, orcs attacked! They tried to kill some of our bison, not to mention attacking us. After taking some losses, they called retreat, but the bison were already starting to stampede. Ceri and Anders were both able to stop a couple of the bison, eventually getting the rest of them under control. Piper healed all the wounded, including the bison.
We searched the four dead orcs. They had some treasure, but most curiously, they were all armed with weapons and armor that had no makers marks, but all had the look of being dwarven made. Dogrund found this disturbing, wondering what dwarf would make weapons and armor for orcs.
Day 3 was long and tiring, especially after a night with limited sleep.
On the fourth day, the road was narrow, with cliff on one side, gorge on the other. It was a precarious place to travel, and it proved dangerous as well. While we were traveling along the steep downward road, stones started to rain down on us from above. I flew up, while the others rode on ahead and Dogrund spurred the wagons forward full speed. I found orcs at the top of the cliff… they were already scattering into the forest. I chased one down and killed it.
Down below on the road, most of the wagons made it through safely, but sadly one was hit squarely by a large boulder and rolled off the road, pulling bison over the side of the road and down the cliff. Three guards on the wagon were pulled over with the wagon as well. The drover just barely jumped off in time to save himself.
Ceri started to climb down to the fallen wagon, but was having trouble, so I flew her down the rest of the way. We found the three guards dead and the cargo scattered. The bison were dead as well. I flew the bodies up to the road, while Ceri gathered cargo together. We used the bag of holding to take about 2/3 of the salvaged cargo back up to the road to be distributed among the other wagons.
It was about this time that we noticed Piper was missing. She had apparently, since she was at the back of the train when the avalanche started, turned back to wait out the landslide. She waited for the dust to settle before she picked her way through the rubble, walking her horse. We were glad to see she was okay, and she healed those who had been hit by rocks, including the injured bison.
It was decided that we would take the bodies of the dead with us, Piper to cast spell on them to preserve them tomorrow morning.
We made our way out of the mountains, closer to the Iron Road, which would take us to the Trade Road into Hammerfast.



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