Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri’s Journal 1/29/12

We moved on just a bit beyond where the orcs attacked before finding a place to set up camp for the night. We were extra watchful that night, expecting another attack, but nothing happened. In the morning, Piper cast ‘Gentle Repose’ on the corpses of our three dead guards before we traveled onwards. She said the spell would keep the bodies from decaying for almost a week.
While we traveled we did learn more about Hammerfast. For example, we were told it had been about 200 years since the orcs and dwarves died there in the battle for the city. Hammerfast is the largest and richest settlement in the area, and the undead are full citizens along with the living in the city. All these seemingly disconnected facts should help us understand the place we are about to visit.
Mid-morning, we met up with the Rushing River and at mid-day, with the Trade Road Once on the Trade Road, we began to meet fellow travelers and patrols from the city as well. Dogrund made sure to tell the first patrol we met about the landslide and the damaged roadway. We arrived at Hammerfast that night via the West Gate.
The Dwarves confiscated the Dwarven-made weapons and armor that we took off the dead orcs, the ones with no makers marks. Too bad, as they would have fetched some much needed cash, especially since we had to pay taxes on the rest of our belongings. Dogrund arranged for the Laskon gifts to be exempt from this tax. Piper’s new mace turned out to be the priciest item we had to pay tax on. I think she was disappointed in having to pay most of her gold in tax.
We found out about a lot of the buildings in the outer area of the city – warehouses, stables, the Arcane Star (a fancy inn), Rondal’s (less fancy inn), the Foundation Stone (tavern), rooming house across the street from the Stone.
We spent the night with the caravan, got paid 100 gold each by Dogrund in the morning and stabled our horses. We had breakfast at the Stone and discovered that they watered down their drinks. Then we took a walk, met some Halflings who were friendly enough. They told us about Siege Day and warned us to be indoors by nightfall on Siege Day especially. I think it might not be a bad idea any day in Hammerfast since the undead mostly come out at night. They also told us about inns in the main part of town – the Coach and Pony and The Black Cat. Ceri was very interested to learn there was a theatre in town as well.
Back at the bazaar, we bought clothing to be ready by tomorrow. I ordered a courtier’s outfit, with a shirt specially made to accommodate my wings. I had to pay a bit extra for it, but it will be good to have something nicer to wear.
Piper got us a pass to enter the main part of the city to visit her temple. We passed a lot of interesting looking buildings and tombs, passed the Lore Hall, where Ceri and I would like to visit, and on to the temple of Pelor. Very interesting place, this temple of Pelor… open to the sky and always sunny and temperate inside. The Sunspeaker, who I gather is the head cleric gave Piper an extended day pass so she can return and help the temple on subsequent days. He also gave Ceri a letter of introduction to the Lore Guild.
Piper and Anders decided to visit the Black Cat Inn while Ceri and I went to the Lore Guild. Ceri got in to see someone about membership in the Guild. I was still waiting on my request to see Grirdil when Ceri left to join the others at the Black Cat. I wonder if she got into the guild…



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