Empire of the Sorcerer Lord

Yuri’s Journal 2/4/12

I waited and waited. Finally I asked about extending my pass. Since I didn’t actually have a pass, I had to get Piper from the Inn. Her pass was only for the temple so that wouldn’t do at all. I needed to be vouched for by a resident of the city to get a pass for the lore guild. Piper went off to see the Dawnspeaker to ask him to vouch for me. Luckily for me, he was willing to do so. Turns out the pass was necessary, as I was never called today. I need to return EARLY in the morning to try again. It’s all first come, first served.
We took a different route back to the gate ward. Doing so allowed us to find the theatre, a crafts hall and a fish market.
We got rooms at Rondal’s for 3 nights and Ceri sent a message to the Lore Guild about where she’s staying so they can send for her when it’s time for her audition.
During dinner at Rondal’s we learned some interesting things… some overheard, some from chatting with other patrons.
The town of Boothill was destroyed by an earthquake.
A star fell into the Sea of Serpents. It was seen for hundreds of miles.
Dragons were gathering on the Suri Steppe, far north across the Sea of Serpents.
We also learned about orcs north of the city that stole a family heirloom. There might be a reward for recovering it – we need to talk to this Fundin, the scarred dwarf, to learn more….
I also learned that the city was led by Highmaster Marsinda Goldspinner, a dwarven guild leader. The Highmaster is elected by a council of guildleaders.
Taras the bard came in to play at Rondal’s – he also plays at the Foundation Stone.
I met Mera and Ellarl. Mera is a copper-haired, tall human with a rabbit (familiar?), and Ellarl is a red-haired Halfling with a bandolier of potion vials. Mera and I went upstairs to her room for about an hour of youthful and exuberant sex. The rabbit watched – very weird, but fun.
Meanwhile, the others had already moved on to the Foundation Stone Tavern. I followed after I left Mera’s. In the street, I encountered a screaming ghost who came out of an alley and went into a wall across the street. Down the alley where the ghost had come from, I saw something glittering on the street. When I went down to investigate, there was nothing there, so I cast daylight so I could see better. I found some loose cobblestones and pried them up. There was a tunnel down below. I was about to go down and investigate when a few town guardsmen came up and challenged me, asking what I was doing. I explained and they immediately thought I was tomb raiding. I tried to explain that I wouldn’t do such a thing, but they were adamant that I leave, so I put the cobblestones back and went on to the stone, putting out the light as well.
At the Stone, I caught up with the others. Met Illirien, a tall elven woman. Ceri and I played knife throwing with her. She was much better at it then she first let on. She says she’s an Eladrin, some kind of extra-planar elven type.
The other bard, Terrell, showed up at the Stone. He is also one of these tallish elves. He sang some drinking songs, told some raunchy stories, and did some insult humor aimed at Ceri, who took it all in good humor. Ceri made friends with him.
On the way back to Rondal’s, we passed the alley where I saw the tunnel. It was all lit up and guards everywhere. The dwarves were investigating the tunnel. While the others returned to the Inn, I climbed up on a nearby rooftop and crawled over to watch from above. It turns out to be a series of tunnels, which they didn’t fully investigate, but I overheard them talking about them. It appears the tunnels are very old and might predate most of the buildings here. Perhaps it is some kind of bolthole from the original garrison? Anyway, they closed it up for the night. I assume they are going to investigate further, maybe in the light of day.
I returned to Rondal’s and offered a boy a silver if he can wake me an hour before dawn. I also left a note for Piper to wake me as soon as she is awake. I don’t want to be late since they take people first come, first served at the lore guild.



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